More than 14,000 ADA/accessibility lawsuits have been filed in California in just the past few years by a small number of lawyers. Many firms have closed, dismissed employees or sought bankruptcy protection as a result.

As of 31 October 2008, California has finally certified a number of inspectors under the new Certified Access Specialist inspection program (“ CASp). Prior to this, there was no formal certification program for inspectors and the reliability of the information businesses received varied considerably. There are important benefits under the new legislation ( 2008 SB 1608 ) which prompted this certification. Businesses which pass a CASp inspection may receive special advantages in court proceedings in the less-likely event they are ever sued. If you have a business which is open to the public in California, we recommend that you arrange for an inspection by a CASp inspector as soon as reasonably possible; however, we suggest that you consider the following factor before doing so.